Water Resources

Singhofen & Associates, Inc. understands that the protection and management of our water resources is more important than ever. Our expertise in this area ranges from watershed management and flood mitigation to natural systems restoration and water supply. Our projects range from small water quality or flooding retrofit projects to large, multi-disciplined water resources projects. We believe that successful projects often require innovative and creative designs and planning which achieve multiple objectives and facilitates permitting, funding opportunities, and public support. Our firm was originally built on the specialized expertise of stormwater modeling. Pete Singhofen, the firm's founder, is the developer of the widely used hydrodynamic surface water model Interconnected Channel and Pond Routing (ICPR®). This expertise forms a solid basis for our water resources work.

Our core services related to water resources are as follows:

Watershed Management

  • H&H modeling (urban, rural, riverine, dam/levee, etc.)
  • Watershed master planning
  • Flooding and water quality retrofit designs
  • BMP evaluations
  • NPDES and MS4 permitting and reporting
  • TMDL water quality assessments and modeling
  • GIS development and management
  • Infrastructure inventories and assessments

Flood Control

  • FEMA studies
  • FEMA flood hazard mapping
  • Floodway modeling
  • Flood mitigation design and implementation

Environmental Restoration

  • Continuous simulation modeling
  • Wetland restoration
  • Streambank and bed stabilization
  • Erosion countermeasure design

Water Supply

  • Alternative water supply evaluations
  • Water use/consumptive use permitting
  • Transmission system and pump station design

Support Services

  • Alternative Funding Assistance
  • Stakeholder involvement programs
  • Model peer reviews
  • Detailed design/plan reviews for permit applications